Thursday, October 14, 2010

s'mores anyone?

we camped with jacob and his family this summer in our backyard.  this was a first for our boys and jacob was kind enough to teach them the ropes.  we told stories, chased fireflies and played with our flash lights long into the night.  my favorite part? s'mores of course.  jacob likes camping so much he wanted it to be the theme of his birthday party.  i hear it was "the best birthday party of his entire life."  that's big :)  happy birthday jacob!

Jacob wanted s'mores instead of cupcakes

camp out birthday banner

here is the sweet birthday boy with his centerpieces

they had a make your own trail mix station!

if you ask me, way better than a cupcake!
 one more thing i wanted to add- his parents gave away flash lights for the favors....yes, that's cute.  if your little scout would like a camp out party too- all of the party supplies can be found at this little sunny spot of mine.  thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Thanks for posting our party! Jacob will be thrilled to see his party on your blog. Might as well go ahead and make us camp out supplies for Zachary's party....he now wants the same thing. Yes, he is already planning his party for NEXT year. Thanks, Steph, your decorations were perfect!